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The 1 chapter: A great motivation for all lovely Mummies

A little introduction of myself , I am a mummy of 3 kids, and a dream pursuer to strive for balance of life between kids, family and career. Just like one of the most ordinary mums. In the coming blogs, i would mainly focus on the above 3 elements, some fashion tips and my handbags i may have come across spontaneously.

The 1 chapter: A great motivation for all lovely Mummies:

I wanna share a conversation between me & my elder daughter (7 years old) last night:

By bedside after story time:

Daughter: Mum, can you give me one small thing from you tomorrow, that should not be a toy, that i can put it into my schoolbag ?

Me: y?

Daughter: Because sometimes when i feel demotivated by not being able to do well in class, like mistakes on Maths etc, i can at least get this thing out to cheer myself up and that reminds me of you, and so i won't give up easily and try again. (i was so touched and with tears)

Then today, i handed her a picture of me, which was framed nicely by a handmade card paper. She took it with a smile.

Sometimes, we, as a mummy always feel frustrated by running the same routines for family & kids, handling the downsides of emotion from our own kids, and can't help asking and yelling out " why do i need to deal with these shits?" But this little conversation, did pull me together and evoke to me that how important i am to my kids and family, how much love she (our kids) needs from mummy to walk through the path.

To all dearest Mummies, i am sure that every kid does sometimes make parents upset and frustrated , the emotional swing that each mummy needs to tackle is horrendous, but never give up. Believe that we are not nothing but everything to our kids and WE ARE IMPORTANT AND THE CORE OF THEIR LIFE.

I wish you all a nice day, i just keep smiling when i recall myself this little conversation!!




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